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Tips for Houston Home Owners

Our purpose in creating this blog is to help Houston area homeowners gain better and deeper understanding of what is probably the largest investment in their portfolios: their homes.


Consider us an asset manager for your house. We hope to provide you with sound advice on maintenance and repair, design ideas, and other issues affecting your home ownership. Too often we only think of our home when something goes wrong. At best, we suffer a nagging feeling that we ought to be doing more.


We want help our community by providing solid advice.


You’ll find lots of information here about design ideas and tips that our community is using. Sure, magazines and websites are fabulous for gathering trend ideas, but we speak with hundreds of homeowners right here in Houston and we can tell you what is hot and what is not in this market.


These are tough times for lots of homeowners, and getting a good grip on what to do with their homes is essential to making smart decisions.


You’ll find our entries will fall into these general categories.

  • Design Trends: People probably struggle most with design issues when making home improvement decisions. Knowing what the market is doing can help make those decisions easier and give you fresh ideas.
  • Maintenance: A Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report from a few years back showed that for every dollar spent on maintaining your home, you would increase the value of the home by two dollars. That’s not a bad investment in any book. But what do you need to do? And how much should you do?
  • Repair: This business started as a handyman repair business, so we’ve seen what breaks and what survives. Having some simple repair skills to hold your breakdown until a professional can come in and fix it properly can save you a ton of aggravation and money.
  • Project Control: For those people interested in taking on a larger home improvement project, making sure you understand both the rhythm of the project and how to help the pros excel is essential to a successful completion.
  • Resources: There are billions of bytes of information out there about home improvement. We’ve found some sources are more valuable and reliable than others. I’ll clue you in on what we use.
  • Customer Service: No matter how much you love your remodel, if the quality of the service you received was bad, you’ll hate the project. I want to give you an idea about what you should expect from quality service. After all, you’re used to Fedex and Disney World, why would you expect less service from the people who are inside your home?
  • Industry Issues: There are a lot of regulations and information out there that affect homeowners who want to remodel. We abide by all state and federal laws and statutes, including new issues surrounding lead paint control. You should know what is happening so you can make informed decisions about your home.


Thank you for your time. I hope you find value in our blog.