Consultation Steps to Making an Informed Decision


Step 1-Initial Consultation (30 Minutes)

Your experience with Remodelers of Houston begins with phone or email correspondence.  We will ask a series of questions to understand your needs, obtain background information, and listen to your ideas and problems. We highly suggest that you review of our website before our first meeting/consultation which will greatly help in determining if our single-source start to finish design build process meets your needs. If Remodelers of Houston can be of service, then an appointment will be made to meet you at your home or project site. 


Step 2-Home or Project Site Consultation (1 ½ Hours)

We want to learn more about you and your family, how you live and use your home, listen to the key problems, and discuss what makes sense to invest in your home to make it function, feel, and look the way you want. The format for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Tour of your home or project site with input from you as to problem areas and changes
  2. A time for questions and discussions of the project:
    1. What is working and not working and how is it impacting your life/lives
    2. What do you see as solutions based on cost priorities "needs-wants-wishes"
    3. What are the requirements for the right contractor?
    4. Do I understand the Remodelers of Houston Design-Build process using 3-D modeling and is this the best path for my project?
    5. Is my investment range in line with what I want to do? If not am I able to prioritize or stage the work. Do I stay and invest or move?
    6. What do you need to see or hear from us to make an informed decision?


From what I have seen, heard, read, and from interviews with other contractors, am I interested in discussing the next step which will involve a "yes or no" decision at the end of that meeting.

Step 3-Visit to our Office (1 Hour)

To differentiate ourselves, it is important to help identify Remodelers of Houston as an established trustworthy company. Meeting our staff, looking at our operations, understanding our unique design presentation, and continuing the building of trust, respect, and openness is necessary in order to select a contractor. The format for this meeting is:

  1. A brief tour of our spaces to demonstrate how we operate and function.
  2. Illustrate our 3-D design modeling program and discuss its usefulness
  3. Discuss our design fees and agreement and fixed fee construction contract
  4. Discuss and answer any questions or concerns. Look at similar projects to yours.


At the end of our meeting, we will discuss a project plan for you. We will make sure we all are on the same page and that we understand your goals and how we can help.  If we have gained your trust and respect, then let the journey begin and a design agreement will be signed.