Graduate Master Builder

The ultimate symbol of the building professional, the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation is for experienced veterans only. GMB courses are more advanced with in-depth instruction geared for experienced building professionals.

Curriculum & Other Requirements

To be eligible for the GMB designation, candidates must have previously attained the CGA, CGB, or CGR designation and have five years of building industry experience, or candidates must have completed three CGA, CGB, or CGR courses and have ten years building industry experience.

Required courses (five of six)*

  • Land Acquisition and Development Finance
  • Risk Management and Insurance for Building Professionals
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Diversification: New Profits for Builders
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Construction

*Candidates may substitute two CGB approved courses for any one GMB approved course provided those courses were not used to obtain their original CGA,CGB, or CGR designation.