Remodeling Staff

Our remodeling staff is among the most expert and dedicated staff in the area. We work together as a team to make sure your project go smoothly and stay within your budgetary constraints. 

Project Managers
are your liaison to Remodelers of Houston’s extensive experience and knowledge of the construction industry. When we begin working together, you will be assigned a specific Project Manager, who you will see on a day-to-day basis and will be your consistent point of contact. No more wondering who is working on your project, where things stand, or who to contact with questions. Your personal Project Manager is focused on your job’s needs and is reachable to address your concerns or issues. Our Project Managers devote the time and attention necessary to your project and work to establish a professional relationship with you. Their attention and dedication to the details of your project, plus their thirty years of experience in residential and commercial construction, all give you the security that your project will be handled smoothly, timely, affordably, and that there will always be a familiar face ready to help.


Production Managers work behind the scenes to ensure your project advances with ease. They work diligently in the office to support your Project Managers in the field. This saves time and adds value to your project, because your Project Manager can focus on the field job instead of administrative tasks. The Production Managers also oversee the financial management of projects. Their superior estimating and accounting skills facilitate calculating accurate estimates, recognizing and alleviating budget problems before they happen, and ultimately keeping your project within budget! You can be confident that a team of professionals is working with your project’s goals, timelines, and financial restrictions in mind.


Our Design Department doesn’t just offer great architecture and beautiful design. We offer a way to meet your goals within your budget. It is important to us that the end result of your project is what you had in mind. So that’s where we start: From the beginning, we sit down together with you to understand your needs, preferences, and tastes. Our team of professionals then begins working to find solutions to your design that fit around your budget. Relationships with interior designers can help you through the maze of decisions involved, from color choices to textures and product selection. Your life is busy. Having a professional at your side can save you time and offers peace of mind.


Management has the experience to help foresee issues before they become your headache. We are a resource for the rest of the team to find professional engineering and design advice and keep up-to-date with restrictions, regulations, and permits. Basically, we know what you can and can’t do and work to achieve what’s best for you, the client. It’s comforting to know that someone at the top with years of experience is there assisting with your project, explaining things, and exercising a wealth of knowledge – all for the benefit of your project.