Home Additions and Conversions



Remodelers of Houston provides home additions and conversions to satisfy a variety of needs including more space or better use of your existing space.


Home additions can take many forms including building to the side or back of your existing home, building up by using otherwise unusable attic space, or even converting existing garage space to living space. 


Some of the home additions and conversions completed by Remodelers of Houston have consisted of the creation of master bedroom suites, adding bedrooms and bathrooms, and complete kitchen remodeling projects. 


Whether your increasing space needs are due to a growing family, the return of grown children, the need to accommodate elderly parents, or even the desire to entertain family and friends,  a home addition can help. Depending on your specific needs, the configuration of your existing home and  available property, we will create the best solution for you using our 3-D design services.


To see some of our home additions, visit our portfolio .