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How to Choose a Remodeler

houston-kitchen-remodelMaybe you’ve been there. Remodeling can be a miserable experience if you shop for a contractor based primarily on price. Nowhere is the saying: “You get what you pay for” more true than in remodeling. Think about the process and the effect on your life. Think about how much stress you want to add to your day. If you stay in your home during the remodeling, you will be literally “living with the workmen” throughout the process. The lowball guys can be scary to have in your home, and their subs can be downright horrifying. The established contractor will have long-term relationships with “house trained” workmen. Before you consider hiring a contractor, ask these questions.

Do you carry General Liability Insurance and a Builder’s Risk Policy?

  • Ask to have his insurance company send the certificate directly to your home.
  • Ask why general liability insurance is not enough anymore.

Have you been operating this business successfully for at least 10 years?

  • Remodelers of Houston has been in business for over 25 years.

Look in the business white pages; does the company have a business listing?

  • If not, they’re working out of the back of his truck, and may not be there to honor any warranty issues.

Are you an active member in a local professional trade association such as Builder’s Association Remodeler’s Council?

  • Nearly all professional contractors participate in these, and they require strict ethical standards for members. Wm. Shaw & Associates has been a member of both for about ten years.

Have you done this type of project before? In this part of town?

  • If most of their work has been done in some other part of town, chances are your job will receive lower priority. We limit our jobs to the southwest quadrant of town.

Have you won local and national awards for service, quality, leadership and value in the remodeling industry?

  • We consistently enter and win awards for work we design and build. Do you offer a written warranty on your work?
  • We offer a one-year warranty on all our projects upon full payment.

Are you an NAHB Certified Graduate Remodelor or NARI Certified Remodelor?

  • These are nationally recognized marks of distinction of remodeling excellence and expertise.
  • Shawn Vacek, President of Remodelers of Houston, has earned his “CGR” and “CGP”
  • Bill Shaw has earned his “CGR” and “GMB” and teaches courses to other remodelers.

Are you willing to provide me with a company profile listing your bank officer and trade references?

  • Like other professional and reputable contractors, we are happy to provide such information.