West U Remodel Baby Bedroom and Bath

This West U remodel was to create a beautiful and functional space for a new baby. The baby room was previously a guest room. A wall was removed to create a larger bathroom. The bedroom is beautifully designed. The adjoining bathroom has a custom built vanity, new freestanding tub; floor to ceiling tile, new tile floors with a personalized touch- the word “Hello” spelled out on the floor. 

Exceptional features:

  • Remodeled two closets with custom cabinetry and shelves to accommodate baby clothing, books, toys and a changing space.
  • Large Barn Doors used for closet doors in the baby’s bedroom. They save space, provide rustic charm and allow full access to each area.
  • Adjoining bathroom has a freestanding tub, custom vanity and floor to ceiling subway tile.
  • Installed personalized floor tile in bath that has a welcoming message “Hello”.
  • New hardwood flooring, windows with shutters, recessed lighting and wallpaper complete the project guaranteed to make baby and parents smile for years to come.